What is Epi Puppy?


The epi puppy is a soft plush puppy dog fanny pack used for carrying your epipen. The epi puppy has an adjustable strap and a velcro enclosure for easy access.

Not only is the epi puppy practical, but it is also kid friendly. Children who are faced with life threatening allergies will find it much easier to wear a puppy rather than an oversized fanny pack or backpack.

Many parents carry their child’s epipen in their purse or jacket. This is appropriate for small children who are too young to be responsible for their epipen. Once the child enters school they have to keep their epipen with them at all times. It is not ok to keep it in the teacher’s desk or in the office. An allergic reaction can turn deadly in a matter of minutes.

The name epi puppy is embroidered on the side of the dog. One of my goals for the epi puppy is for it to be recognized as an epipen carrier. I would like to raise awareness about the seriousness of food allergies and the importance of carrying ones’ epipen.

The original style is a chocolate lab. Look forward to other dogs and animals to be added to the line called epi pals.



The Epipuppy is a fun and fabulous product.  As a mom, I feel better knowing my son has his epipen close at hand should he ever need it.  As a schoolteacher, I am very aware of how fast paced and busy our lives have become.  When precious seconds could mean the difference in a child’s life, the Epipuppy simply makes sense.
-Deborah Van Delden

As Principal of an elementary school, I have four students of varying ages who have severe allergies.  I consider it very important that these students carry their epipen with them at all times throughout the day. This light epi puppy is ideal for young students to wear;  it is light and unobtrusive and gives parents, teachers and students peace of mind.
-Wendy Cawson

I appreciated Hayley having her epipen with her at all times and I am confident that it was also reassuring for her to know it was there as well.  Having it in an Epipuppy helped for those who worked with her, and the students, to recognize it’s importance and we were able to see if she had it with her at all times.  This was a reassurance.
-Katharyn Blades